It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

People seem to be staying put and getting to know their neighbors. In “Love Where You Live,” from Christianity Today (July 2010), Collin Hansen explains that the number of people who move each year has generally declined over the past four years. Hansen also makes reference to the increase in requests for front porches on new homes in the Chicago area (see, “A Front Porch State of Mind,” Chicago Tribune, June 26, 2009).

Hansen visited three differently-situated churches (urban, suburban, and rural) “to see how the body of Christ is loving where its members live.”

As individuals, our mobility may or may not reflect the national decline, but getting to know our neighbors is probably always a good thing– messy as it may be. Christ answered the question “Who is my neighbor?” with the parable of the Good Samaritan. Geographically speaking, is the notion of neighborliness on its way back in– was it ever out? Is it harder to be neighborly in an urban, suburban, or rural setting?


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