If I could turn back ti-ime…

If I could find a-uh wa-ay…

How often do you identify with Cher? (Don’t answer that out loud.)

Free time can mean time that is unrestrained (as in, “you are free to leave”), but too often, I treat it like time that costs me nothing (as in, winning a free coffee mug!). Freebies are great, but they usually don’t mean much to us if they break or fall off the roof of the car when we pull out of the driveway. And that’s how I sometimes look at “free time.” It’s time that, if wasted, costs me nothing.


“Saving time” like pennies in a coin bank doesn’t always work like we think it should. So, “wasting time”– truly wasting it, not just taking a needed rest– does cost something. Like $1.50 shelled out for a bad cup of coffee, we’ve got a little bit less to spend and, well, cold coffee. (I wouldn’t recommend spending much time trying to make sense out of that example.)

Fact is, time is inevitably, and consistently, spent, whether we’re paying attention or not. As mysteriously as it comes, it goes… just like the Cher song that will be stuck in your head all day.


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