“Hipster Christianity” (and lots of parenthetical asides)

I read about Brett McCracken’s book Hipster Christianity a few weeks ago on Justin Taylor’s blog, “Between Two Worlds” (one of my hub’s favorites), and read the (free) sample available in “.pdf” format. (Find it here.) Seriously, I can’t resist the word free. (My graduate thesis included an analysis of the word freedom… “free-dom”)

Tom's are cool, right?

I was pleased to find that McCracken wrote a cover article along the same theme for the most recent issue of Christianity Today. You can read the article, “Hipster Faith,” at the magazine’s website.

After working for a year at the local Baptist Collegiate Ministries, and spending a lifetime as the perpetually un-cool older sister of a perpetually cool younger brother (note to my two younger brothers: you’ll never know which one of you I’m talking about… that’s such a mean, older-sister thing to do– and yeah, you’re both cooler than me), I’ve had the privilege of watching from the fringes (not the cool fringes, it’s really more like the boundary) as the hipster Christianity trend took hold. All that’s to say, this is a trend/movement worth noting, and while all things are easily manipulated by our human nature, there is definitely merit in the ideas and actions coming out of the hipster Christian crowd.

Additionally, anyone with the name “Brett McCracken” is going to be cool. That’s just the way it is.


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