More on the future of newspapers

Yep, as the title suggests, the future of newspapers can be summed up into one or two little blog posts. Kidding, but here are some more thoughts on the subject. (The first post on this topic can be found here.)

Digital media is here.

It is neither as drastic as some predicted nor as mild as others would have had us believe. But, it’s here. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the thin, smudgy pages of a newspaper. But, to be honest, if it were in my kitchen drawer, it’d be a single-function item. I’m glad it’s there when I need it, but if something else could do its job and take up less space… well, that’d be something to think about.

Quick: name these kitchen utensils

On the one hand, a newspaper subscription is, generally, cheaper than my Internet bill. But, on the other hand, the Internet is a multi-function item– and on top of that, it gives me access to countless news stories. I know the big deal is the ad sales, but, the ad sales are a big deal only because of us– the consumers buying the newspapers. And, in my household budget, the Internet bill is an assumed expense. The newspaper expense is negotiable.

(On a sidenote: We receive a free community newspaper that I absolutely love! I’ll admit that, because it’s free, I hold it to a less rigorous standard. There might be posts on the place of the small-scale community newspaper yet to come.)

I’m optimistic about the place of print in the Internet, blog-saturated world, and I agree with Carr about the impact of the revision process on a print story. I also tend to ascribe a sense of veracity and endurance to tangible pieces of information (a cookbook vs. a recipe from a website– but, admittedly, both have led me astray, and both have led me right).

Basically, I see it’s place; I see it’s flaws; I like knowing it’s around.


2 thoughts on “More on the future of newspapers

  1. Sadly, in respect of “the newspaper” that is available in my local area, as things now stand, the Internet after being passed through a reasonable filter based on empiricallay validated experience and intuitive reason, is more accurate and appears to be less engaged in the intentional, stealthy manipulation of my world view. I think that there is more path dependency, and less inevitability, on how we got to this point than we realize.

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