Home Run, Man

“And like Derek [Jeter] told me, ‘The ghosts’ll show up eventually,’ and they did, man. This is, this is stupid.”

– Aaron Boone

Aaron Boone sends Yankees to World Series

Okay, so 10 years ago, the Yankees were tied with the Boston Red Sox in the final game of the ALCS. The winning team would go on to play in the World Series. There was suspense, a deep team rivalry, and even some baseball lore– involving the Great Bambino, himself.

(“The Curse of the Great Bambino” haunted the Red Sox because they had traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees, and consequently couldn’t win a World Series. The “curse” was broken in 2004, as any fan of the movie Fever Pitch knows.)

Game 7, 5-5 in the 11th inning, Aaron Boone stepped up to the plate. First pitch, he swung, hit a game-winning home run, and sent the Yankees to the World Series. In a post-game interview, Boone was clearly still taking it all in.

Here’s a link to the interview: Aaron Boone Post-Game Interview (the interview begins at 3:01:40)

In case you’re wondering, the pitch was a knuckleball.

Thanks to Massey for the specifics.



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