“There is nothing wrong with you at all if while cleaning the nursery in a few months, you tear up throwing away the nasal aspirators because your big girl can blow her nose all by herself. These milestones come out of nowhere.”

– Emily, from “15 Things Experienced Moms Really Want to Say to New Moms”


The Art of Motherhood?

Life can feel a little extra messy when you’re going against the norms of society. The blog “Childless by Marriage” follows the life and thoughts of Sue Fagalde, who, due to her husband’s preference, chose to remain childless. Fagalde’s post on Georgia O’Keeffe is particularly insightful. According to Fagalde, O’Keeffe wanted to have children with husband Alfred Steiglitz, “but agreed with him that motherhood was incompatible with her art.”

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Motherhood certainly consumes time and energy, which can affect art production, but at the same time, I have to wonder about the art that motherhood surely inspires. Parenting is a creative endeavor at its core, and must also draw on a woman’s creativity to respond to the unpredictable chaos into which children can launch a family. But, does it allow for expressions of creativity in traditional forms of art?

Messy Question: Can the creative pursuits of motherhood contribute to the production of art in other areas of life, or does parenting fail to leave energy for any other creative actions?